Campus Roslagen has the most satisfied tenants in the entire Stockholm area!*

*CMA Research 2015


Apply for an accommodation

If you’re a student and studying at least half-time (15hp) and are interested in renting a student apartment, you can register and apply for an apartment on this website. There you’ll see which apartments that are available and the basic information about them. Our site is only in Swedish, so if you need any help just send us an email on


Our apartments
We have one room apartments between 23 sqm and 45 sqm (some apartments have a bedroom) with a kitchen or kitchenette and your own bathroom. You only pay rent for 10 months since June and July are rent-free (requirement is that you have to have moved in by March 1 the first year to receive the rent-free months the first year). Electricity, heat and hot water are included in the rent, you also get free laundry detergent and fabric softener in the laundry rooms since our washing machines are self-dosing.

You also  get access to our pool table, table tennis room, study room, outdoor tennis court, sports hall, jogging tracks (ski trails in the winter) when you rent an apartment, you get access to this free of charge. There’s also a student gym on campus.

We also have dorm rooms with your own bathroom but with a shared kitchen (equipped with dishes and pans) to choose from.