Campus Roslagen has the most satisfied tenants in the entire Stockholm area!*

*CMA Research 2015

Who are entitled to rent from us?
If you are studying at a university, college, vocational studies, or other adult education, you are welcome to live here at Campus Roslagen. You can make an inquiry on an accommodation here. If you have applied for an education you can make an inquiry to our accommodation when you’ve been accepted to your course.

Our apartments
We have one room apartments between 23 sqm and 45 sqm (some apartments have a bedroom) with a kitchen or kitchenette and your own bathroom. You only pay rent for 10 months since June and July are rent-free (requirement is that you have to have moved in by March 1 the first year to receive the rent-free months the first year). Electricity, heat and hot water are included in the rent, you also get free laundry detergent and fabric softener in the laundry rooms since our washing machines are self-dosing.

You also  get access to our pool table, table tennis room, study room, outdoor tennis court, sports hall, jogging tracks (ski trails in the winter) when you rent an apartment, you get access to this free of charge. There’s also a student gym on campus. Since we don’t have a student association for the moment contact for more information.

We also have dorm rooms with your own bathroom but with a shared kitchen (equipped with dishes and pans) to choose from.

In our houses we have Telia’s Digital TV with “Grundutbud Lagom”, which is a basic supply and contains 22 channels. The internet is via Telia at a speed of 100/100 are available in all apartments, the mandatory Internet fee is 194 kr / month.

Please read below for our FAQ


Accommodation guarantee

As a student at Campus Roslagen, you are guaranteed an accommodation if you study at a CSN-eligible education (that are located at campus). Residential warranty is valid until the beginning of the course. Booking of the apartment must, therefore, have occurred no later than September 1st for the fall semester and January 15th for the spring semester.

Accommodation limits

The tenancy is limited to six years, an extension is granted a maximum of four years for Ph.D. studies. The time during which any exemption has been used shall be deducted from the possible extension.

Accommodation – Reservation of apartment and contract signing

Once you have been accepted to your studies, you are welcome to contact us for booking of accommodation. You can make a notification/apply directly through the website. Available apartments and contact details can be found here.

Bicycle service

Next to the sports hall (Campushallen) on Kaserngatan you’ll find a small building where you can  pump up the tires and wash your bike. In the basement of Kaserngatan 8, you will also find our bicycle service room. You are able to use the tools there and fix your bike if you need to.


Bicycle storage

At Kaserngatan you’re able to store your bike in the bicycle room in the basement, there’s a ramp to lead down you bike to the basement. There is also bike sheds outdoors. The accommodations at Albert Engströms gata has only bike sheds outdoors.

Central vacuum

Kaserngatan 7 & 9 and Albert Engströms gata 10, 12, 14 have a central vacuum, you will find it and the outlets in the corridor.

Course certificate

Your course certificate shall be filed within one month from the time you move in if you cannot submit it when you sign your contract.


You must show your neighbors respect if you live in an apartment. The general rule is that you should never disturb your neighbors – neither in the daytime or at night. You never know who has their most important exam the next morning. Between 22:00 (Friday, Saturdays and public holidays at 24:00) and 08:00 the rule of thumb is that one should lower the music volume, stop drilling, sawing or anything else that is loud.

Keep in mind that the person who signed the lease is responsible for their visitors following the rules as well. This applies in the corridor, stairwell, and common areas.

If someone called Störningsjouren they will do the following graduation of the disorder when they arrive:
1. a normal tone/soft music.
2. Slightly higher than normal
3. Clearly disturbing, passed the limit
4. Very high
5. The walls shake, outrageously high.

The following rules apply for Störningsjouren (disturbance call). (For the tenant making the disturbance)

Disturbance grade 1. The tenant will be contacted by the landlord.
Disturbance grade 2. The tenant will receive a written warning and if the same tenant gets two warnings within 3 months they have to pay 1000 SEK.
Disturbance grade 3-5. The tenant must pay for the visit from Störningsjouren, 1000 SEK. The tenant who within 3 months get charged for SEK 2,000 will risk being laid off from their apartment at the 3rd charge.

Electricity and water

Electricity and water are included in your rent. Together with SACR (the student association), we have an agreement to reduce electricity and water consumption. Reduced consumption is good for both the environment and your finances since we might not need to increase the rent.


For eg if the water is rising in the floor drain, the water pipe is broken or the power is cut, always call:

0176-28 61 00 during opening hours Monday – Friday
0176-28 61 01 at other times

Exemption from your studies 

You can apply for and be granted an exemption from the study requirement for a maximum of 12 months if your intention is to start studying again. At attested long illness exemption is in general allowed from the study requirement for up to two years.

Fire Alarm/Smoke Alarm

For your safety, there is a smoke detector installed in your apartment, always test the alarm when you move in! There should be a red light flashing, report a fault directly if it’s not working. On Kaserngatan 3-6 & 8 and Vilhelm Mobergs gata there’s a battery in the alarm, we’ll replace them if the battery is depleted when you move in. Besides that, you’re responsible for battery replacement. On the other addresses, the smoke detectors are connected to the electrical system, this is an emergency alarm and is not linked to the rescue. In the case of fire call 112, in the case of false alarm call 0176-28 61 00.

Fire safety

Fire extinguishers can be found in the corridor. Your apartment is built to withstand a fire outside your apartment for 30 minutes. If the corridor is filled with smoke, it is safer to remain in the apartment and wait for the emergency services. Call 112 and inform them that you are still in your apartment. You may not store anything in the hallways or stairwells since these are escape routes!


If you choose to rent your apartment furnished it includes the following furniture;
Bed, mattress, mattress covers, bedside tables, kitchen table with two kitchen chairs, desk with office chair, armchair and coffee table, curtain rod and lamps.

You are responsible for the furniture, and keeping it undamaged.

Guest room

When you receive a visit from relatives or friends we recommend you to visit for more information about Accommodations in Norrtälje and Roslagen in general.


Each apartment has broadband (wi-fi as well) 100/100 through Telia. In the information booklet you get with your contract you’ll find instructions how to connect to the internet.

On Kaserngatan 12 there’s also wi-fi in the communal kitchens.

Home insurance 

You can choose which company to have your home insurance through. We can not emphasize the importance of having a home insurance enough. Since you are responsible for the insurance coverage and for example cause water damage, you will be liable and it can cost you a lot of money. If you have a home insurance you only pay the deductible.

Housing allowance

Do you know that you as a student have the opportunity to seek housing allowance? Contact The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) for more information, visit their website.


Did you loose your invoice? No problem, just pay the rent to one of these accounts: Plusgiro 69 34 08-7 or Bankgiro 677-8351. You must use these account numbers to avoid having to fill in the OCR number. Specify which month it concerns and your apartment number (our item number) on the payment form or in the message line if you pay online. The last day to pay the rent is before the last working day of each month.

Keys and locks 

You get two keys to your apartment when you move in. The keys are either a steel key, card or tag. It’s because our houses have different locking systems. If it’s required to have a separate key to the mailbox you’ll find it hanging in your apartment. If not you open your mailbox by placing the key tag in front of the round surface at the mailboxes. To enter the stairwell, add the key card/tag in front of the reader, you can also dial the access code you received in the information along with your contract.

Keys and lock – Albert Engströms gata 10, 12 & 14

Before you try to unlock your apartment door, give it a small push. This makes sure that the bolt is in the right position. If not, an overload protection in the lock will be activated. This means that your door won’t be able to unlock. When you lock the apartment from the outside all the electricity, not fridge/freezer and the wall outlet marked “bryts ej”, turns off and the entire apartment becomes dark. This is a way to save electricity, so only lock the door from the outside if you are the last person to leave.


  • If someone is in the apartment, never lock the door from the outside.
  • The last one to leave needs to press the button to activate the lock function, which is located by the door. When you have closed the door, add the key tag – the door is now locked.
  • You can always lock the door from the inside without affecting the electricity saving system.

If you have a problem with your electricity or door lock call our fault report 0176-28 61 00 during office hours, at other hours call 0176-28 61 01

Locked yourself out?

We will help you free of charge if you lock yourself out during office hours. After office hours our security company can help you. Then the cost is 500 SEK (cash only and you also get a receipt). Need help during office hours call 0176-28 61 00 otherwise call 0176-28 61 01

Medical information

Visit or call 1177 to get health advice or help finding the right healthcare professionals.

Moving out – the contract

Remember to terminate your contract in advance. You have a three months notice if you have an ongoing contract. The notice period is counted from the next month after the date of termination. If you give us your notice on April 3 the contract terminates on 31 July. You can either leave the inscribed termination to the rental office or email us (write personal data, apartment number, and the date when the contract expires). You will then receive a confirmation from us in your mailbox.

Moving out – the inspection

Remember to make an appointment with the rental office for inspection before you move out. Cleaning and any damage in the apartment are checked. The apartment must be left in a clean and tidy condition and all points in the inspection report must be approved. If you rent a furnished apartment we also check if all the furniture is in place. Return keys, key cards/tags to the landlord, the mailbox key and to the storage units should be left in the apartment.

Parking Rules 

As a tenant, you have access to free parking in connection to the accommodation. If you staying at Kaserngatan 7 or 9 as well on Albert Engströms gata you need a parking permit if you park longer than 12 hours. You get your permit at the accommodation office.

Follow these rules and you will avoid parking fines;

  • Parking may only take place within the marked boxes
  • Cars with handicap permits may park outside the marked area, but may not be parked so that it obstructs traffic to and from the house.
  • When moving in or out, your car and possibly the trailer can be parked next to the entrance. However, there must be activity by the car, at least, every 10 minutes.
  • If all the parking lots near your house are occupied you can use the available parking spaces in one of the other student houses.


To make sure that students with fur allergy have the possibility to rent an apartment, pets are not allowed in most of our houses, even visiting pets. If you want to rent an apartment and want to bring your pet with you, we have apartments at Albert Engströms gata 12 and Vilhelm Mobergs gata 1 &5 available – note that you can not rent with our furniture in this case.

Report a fault 

If errors occur in your apartment or in the buildings common areas, please notify us by making a fault report. You’re able to do it here. We aim to contact you within 24 hours from the time we receive your registration (Monday-Friday), fill in your contact information carefully so we’re able to get a hold of you. For urgent errors, for example, if water rises up in the floor drain, the apartment is without power or if a water pipe has broken, call 0176-28 61 00 during office hours (8.00-16.00), other hours call 0176-28 61 01

You’re responsible for fixing some if the faults yourself, for example:

  • Broken light bulbs in your apartment – you change it yourself
  • Smoke alarms that do not work (always test it when you move in) – Replace the battery, if it still doesn’t work report it to us.
  • Stop in the floor drain – You clean the floor drain yourself, it might be clogged with hair and dirt for eg. Still having problems after cleaning? Send us a fault report.


Smoking is not allowed in our houses, the area outside the entrance is also a smoke-free zone. There are ashtrays outdoors where you can smoke. If you have smoked in the apartment you need to be prepared to pay the sanitation costs. The cost usually being around SEK 5000.

Storage room

For those of you who live on Kaserngatan 3-9 and Vilhelm Mobergs gata a flat storage of about 2 square meters is included. You’ll find the key to the storage unit in your apartment. Other tenants have the possibility to rent storage room on Kaserngatan 11. If you are on a longer internship and you terminated your apartment you can still rent a storage room from us. Sizes between 2,2 to 4,4 square meters, contact the leasing office for more.


During the time of an exemption you might be entitled to sublease, this requires a special request by the tenant and that you intend to move back.

Subletting is only possible to other active university students on campus.

Taking care of your apartment

We hope that you enjoy your stay in your apartment and that you’ll find it in good condition. For it to continue to be in a good condition in the long term it is important to take care of your apartment and not make a lot of holes in the walls, and of course, keeping it well cleaned during your residence. If there are holes in the walls of your apartment it has to be restored when moving out. You can borrow paint and filler at our office. Is there a picture list in your apartment? Use it so you avoid the hassle of painting later!

You are not allowed to make any holes in the walls of the bathroom if so you’ll destroy the sealing layer and there is a risk of water and moisture damage. If you want to repaint the apartment please contact us for information about what paint color you may use and what conditions we have.

Waste management

Everyone wins with a better waste management.

Household waste: Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste. By recycling your old shampoo bottle it can become a dish brush or the old cap can become a screw-nut. Please help us by using the opportunities for selective waste collection available on Campus Roslagen.

Waste sorting: Kaserngatan 3-6, 8 The environmental station is located at the large parking lot before Kaserngatan 4.
Kaserngatan 7, 9 and Albert Engströms gata 10, 12, 14 These houses have recycling rooms for a range of different types of garbage.

Sort: Recycled paper, glass, metal, paper packaging, light bulbs, halogen lamps, batteries and small electronic devices.

Bulky waste: This is such waste you can not sort or leave in the existing bins. We have a room for bulky waste at Vilhelm Mobergs gata 4, to enter the room use the same code as to the student houses.

You may not leave hazardous waste here, leave those at Görla recycling center.